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Painting Services

Our Painting Services

Just as any piece of equipment needs proper maintenance to keep it at peak performance, your factory requires painting services to keep it protected and looking good. Every plant manager and factory owner experiences the need to paint the interior and exterior surfaces of their factory from time to time. It’s at these times when the professional factory painting services of Factory Painting USA can be invaluable.

It is important to project the proper image for your company and, consequently, it is important to have quality factory painting services completed by a nationwide contractor specializing in factory painting. Factory Painting USA is the go-to nationwide contractor for all factory painting services. With our extensive experience we are the factory painting company that can do it all.

Accurate Estimating

At Factory Painting USA our experience in estimating is just valuable to you as having our skilled painters on the job. Proper estimating helps ensure there are no cost overruns or surprises when invoices are received. Our ability to handle the paperwork related to our factory painting services properly makes your life a little easier.

The focus of our factory painting services is on your specific needs. Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of the plant and equipment you want painted. We look at the condition of your industrial facility and equipment to troubleshoot potential problem areas and address your specific concerns.

Areas with rust or other corrosion need special attention that we are well equipped to handle. Having Factory Painting USA perform the proper surface preparation and applying primers and paints will save you money. We consider extreme temperatures, humidity, salt content of air, chemical usage and longevity requirements among other factors to make our recommendations.

Materials Assessments

Commercial and industrial painting projects are complex and require our experience in a wide assortment of materials, surfaces, techniques and logistics. Our nationwide factory painting services include making assessments and recommendations on the most cost-effective materials needed to protect your valuable assets.

We will evaluate your needs and advise you on the best latex, enamel, epoxy, textured, anti-static, anti corrosion, anti-abrasion, high temperature and other paints, stains and coatings for your factory. One paint does not fit all and we have the experience to know exactly what product to use.

Painting Preparation

The industrial painting experts Factory Painting USA know the foundation of quality factory painting starts with expert surface preparation. As a nationwide contractor we have extensive experience in water, dry ice, sand, abrasive and other “blasting” techniques for surface preparation. This ensures that our factory painting work will look fantastic and last for years.

Our factory painting services include preparing your buildings and grounds to protect the landscaping and surrounding structures from cleaning debris and paint. We use plywood when positioning lifts to help distribute the weight of the equipment evenly. Temporary screens, tarps and barriers are installed as needed to create a safe workspace and also prevent overspray.

Planning Meetings for Safety and Efficiency

To ensure safety our factory painting services include a pre-painting preparation meeting with your management team and ours. At this meeting we discuss the scope of work involved and put safety requirements in place. Safety rules are strictly enforced to make sure the work is completed without injuries or incidents. Keeping your factory running efficiently is important to you and we work with you to establish the best time to work in each area. Our goal is always minimum disruption to your operation and we set up extra precautions for 24-hour operations. These meetings explore the best ways to get the work done with minimal interruption to your operations.

Expert Application

The skilled crews at Factory Painting USA use the best equipment and paints to give your buildings and machinery a like-new finish. Whether its brush, roller or sprayer you just can’t beat quality paints, expertly applied on well-prepared surfaces. That is exactly what we deliver at Factory Painting USA.

Regular Progress Walks

Our factory painting services include regular progress walks for large projects that can take weeks or even months to complete. We keep you informed every step of the way so you are always in the know on our progress.

Follow Up

Once Factory Painting USA finishes the work we review the job with you to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. We can propose a regular maintenance program for cleaning and painting to make sure your factory always looks great.

In short, there is no better way to get the high quality, long lasting appearance of professional factory painting than by using a nationwide contractor like Factory Painting USA. There is simply no substitute for our experience and dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Call us today for an estimate.