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Painting Factory Buildings

Painting Factory Buildings

The exterior finish of your factory buildings is always the first thing a potential customer sees when they visit your plant. At Factory Painting USA we understand how important the aesthetic quality of your factory buildings is to build customer confidence and help with sales. In addition, protecting your factory buildings from weather, mold, rot and mildew is even more important.

Properly applied, quality paints help your factory buildings stay in great shape for many years. Our extensive experience helps ensure that your factory building painting project will come off without a hitch. Whether it’s interior, exterior, steel, wood, stucco, siding, trim, drywall or any other surface, our expert factory painting crews are dedicated to quality work from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about snow, wind or rain damaging your factory buildings once we finish the job. Remember, our work is never complete until you are 100% satisfied.


Factory Painting USA has been painting factory buildings for over 40 years! You can bet that in that amount of time we have learned a thing or two about the demands and processes needed to achieve the desired look and durability of factory building painting. As expert nationwide contractors we are both dependable and knowledgeable. We have painted 10,000 square foot warehouses and large factory building complexes of hundreds of thousands of square feet. Regardless of the size of your factory buildings, we can definitely handle the job.

Building Types

We paint all factory and commercial building types from large industrial buildings, steel mills, tank farms, and manufacturing operations to apartments, shopping malls, shipyards and universities. We are skilled in masonry work, mortar joints, and the application of paints, stains and coating to protect against water, weather, UV and corrosion damage. We are the one nationwide contractor to call for all factory building painting. Factory Painting USA can paint any surface and make it look like new.

As nationwide factory painting contractors we can paint both the exterior and interior of your factory buildings as well as machinery, equipment and other structures on your property. We can paint the ceilings, floors, walls and do it all in a timely manner and for much less than you might think. So whether it’s wood, aluminum, steel, stucco, brick, concrete or any other surface, you can depend on us for outstanding quality and a fair price.


The outstanding quality of our work is due in a large part to the care we take to prepare the surfaces of your factory buildings. Our factory cleaning services remove old paint, oil, grease, dirt, mold, dust and everything else on your walls that would hinder a smooth finished look and good paint adhesion. In fact, it is our excellent cleaning service that sets us apart from other factory building painting contractors.

As an experienced factory painting contractor we have the equipment needed for expert preparation of your factory buildings. Whether it’s sandblasting, water blasting or simply scraping and sanding, our crews prepare your factory buildings with care and precision. At the same time, we will protect your grounds and landscaping from the equipment and cleaning debris to make sure your factory buildings look great from foundation to roof.


We use top quality paints and primers supplied by the top names in the business on your factory buildings. We insist these materials be of the highest quality because better coverage and longer lasting results save our customers money in both the short and long term. Any money saved by cheaper paints is often more than lost by extra labor time in applying extra coats. Plus, high quality paints simply look great and protect your valuable factory buildings better than the cheap alternatives.


Regardless of the scope of work required for painting factory buildings, we are the nationwide contractor with the experience, skills and equipment to handle the job. We have the experience to safely handle the lifts, scaffolds and painting equipment needed to make your factory buildings look like new. Our technicians are expertly trained and follow strict safety guidelines to ensure both their safety and the safety of your personnel. We will consider the condition and textures of your factory buildings and make an assessment of what painting method will prove the best finish. We use sprayers as well as the traditional brushes and rollers to make sure the finish on your factory buildings looks great.


Our factory building painting operation is licensed, bonded and insured to minimize your risk. Having true painting professionals on the job is worth a lot in today’s economic climate. The factory building protection and beautification solutions from Factory Painting USA are cost effective, address your time constraints and provide long lasting results. At Factory Painting USA we will even work with you on a detailed maintenance program to paint your facility and keep it looking great at all times.

Once you hire Factory Painting USA to paint your machinery, ceiling, floor, walls or exterior of your factory buildings you will never go back to a lesser factory painting contractor. Painting factory buildings is our specialty and the quality of our work shows with every job we do. For the best results, call the nationwide contractor you can trust. Call Factory Painting USA today.