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Painting Factory Structures

Painting Factory Structures

Factory Painting USA paints factory structures of all types and sizes. In fact, we have been painting factory structures for over four decades! There is no limit to the size and scope of structures we can paint at your factory. Our nationwide contractor services are completely scalable. We perform a careful analysis of your factory structures and bring the right resources to the job. We have the skills and experience to paint your factory structures on time and within budget.

We paint such a wide variety of factory structures that it is simply impossible to list them all. Below are a few common factory structures. If you’re wondering if we can paint your particular factory structure – yes we can! Simply call Factory Painting USA and we will prepare an evaluation and estimate for your review.

Water Towers, Silos and Tank Farms

Factory structures such as water towers, silos and tank farms require special attention due to their height and exposure to harsh weather conditions. Factory Painting USA will evaluate these structures on your grounds and make recommendations for how to properly clean and paint them. Height is not an issue for us when painting factory structures. We have the skills, tools and experience to handle the job regardless of the height or size of your tank farm.

Conveyors, Overhead Cranes and Container Cranes

Painting factory structures similar to conveyors and cranes require special attention due to their complexity and the need to be cautious in painting moving parts. At Factory Painting USA we take special care to select the proper cleaning method that will not only clean these factory structures, but also not damage them by clogging gears and other moving parts with cleaning debris.

We are experts at cleaning complex machinery prior to painting it. We have dozens of techniques available such as sandblasting, water blasting, dry ice blasting and many more abrasive blasting materials and techniques. We match the blasting technique with your factory structure needs making sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and the gears and other moving parts are protected from debris. After cleaning it, we prime and paint or coat it to make it look like brand new.

Fencing, Containment Walls and Platforms

Whether your fencing, walls and platforms are made from wood, concrete or steel, the nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA have what it takes to handle tough painting jobs. As a nationwide painting contractor we perform this type of work on a regular basis. We start with professional factory cleaning services to get the surfaces ready for painting and then our highly skilled painters apply the primers, paints and coatings to give them a clean, fresh look. Ask us about our painting maintenance programs to keep your factory structures looking great year after year.

Parking Garages, Bridges, Tunnels and Walkways

At any large factory, transportation of people and materials around the plant happens through factory structures like parking garages, bridges, tunnels and walkways. Keeping a fresh coat of paint on these factory structures not only improves their appearance but can help with safety and logistics.

Clearly painted directions and instructions can help keep people and vehicles out of unauthorized areas and out of harm’s way. Not every delivery driver has been to your factory before and clear signage can speed things along and help ensure that heavy trucks stay out of areas where they can either be damaged or cause damage. Everyone feels safer in and clean environment and a fresh coat of paint from the nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA is the best way to get that done.

Incinerators and Chimneys

Factory structures exposed to high heat, chemicals and smoke often require more frequent painting than other structures. It is natural that incinerators and chimneys need extra attention to make sure they not only look good, but are protected from the weather, heat, smoke and steam they are designed to handle. The experts at Factory Painting USA have been painting factory structures for over four decades. We have all the specialized lifts, scaffolds, and other equipment needed to do the job efficiently and safely and at a price that makes sense to the toughest factory controller.


Safety is the top priority and we have the skills to property prepare, prime and paint the surfaces to deliver the most protection from water and weather. Painting factory structures is challenging because of the wide variety of safety issues they present. This variety often intimidates inexperienced factory painting contractors. However, projects of this complexity and size are our forte. We are accustomed to meeting the safety demands of OSHA and the plant itself. We know you’re concerned about safety, that’s why it is so important to us.

Painting Factory Structures

There is no limit to the variety and complexity of the factory structures we paint on a regular basis. If your factory structure is highly complex then you benefit from our experience. If it is a simple job then you benefit from hiring a company that can handle the job safely and quickly and still be prepared to resolve problems should they arise. Our goal is always to provide the best service at the most competitive price. There is no substitute for our experience and expertise. Go with the pros and call Factory Painting USA today.