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Factory Services

Our Factory Services

Factory Painting USA offers hundreds of factory services to its customers. As professional factory painting contractors we have developed a very specialized skill set related to painting your factory buildings and factory offices. Below we will list just a few of our factory services.


One of the more common factory services our customers need is factory surface blasting. Most people are familiar with sandblasting to clean and strip surfaces of debris and rust. Our factory services include dozens of additional blasting techniques to clean a vast array of surfaces and machinery. These include but are not limited to: Abrasive blasting, acorn shell blasting, black beauty blasting, corn cob blasting, grit blasting, peanut and rice hull blasting, vacuum blasting and dry ice blasting. We are an experienced nationwide contractor that can handle any surface cleaning need.

Each blasting technique has its advantages and disadvantages. We recommend the factory blasting service that best meets your needs. For exterior factory cleaning sandblasting is an effective and cheap way to get the job done. For a project where it truly matters how much debris is scattered about, a vacuum blasting system is a great choice. This factory service involves blasting equipment that suctions all debris, separates the abrasive material from the “dust” just cleaned off the surface and bags it, and then reuses the abrasives to save time and money.

High Places

Our factory services include painting very high surfaces that require specialized equipment and safety measures. These factory services include boom lift painting, platform painting, scissor lift painting, swing stage painting, aerial painting, boson chair, rigging and many others. We are the nationwide contractor that can paint any surface at any height. This includes the tallest tank farms, ships, towers and factories. Our painting crews have extensive experience and are certified for the equipment used. Our safety team works closely with your management to keep your factory accident free. We will erect the structure needed and complete the work professionally leaving the surface looking brand new.


You might not think of scheduling as a factory service but we have learned over the years that this factory services is extremely important. We understand that downtime is costly to your company so we go out of our way to work around your schedule to cause as little disruption to your operations as possible. We can set our factory services up as single shift or 24-hour painting to get the work done as quickly as possible. That’s right! Our crews work around the clock when the situation demands it. As the “go-to” nationwide contractor for factory painting services, you can expect us to have the solutions you need for even the most demanding scheduling situations.


We use a wide variety of preparation and painting methods to ensure the highest quality work at the best prices. These painting methods include: Air spray painting, airless painting, spray pole painting, rag painting, pressure pot painting, electrostatic painting, heck, we even use brushes and rollers! Every factory painting job is different. Your factory has specific features, textures, climate, logistics and safety issues that must be taken into account. Our nationwide factory painting service has prepared us for all situations and we use the most cost effective painting method that yields the results you want. We expertly apply high quality primers and paints with the method that makes your surfaces look brand new.


Our factory services include experience in painting every surface type that will hold paint. This includes, plaster, concrete, brick, steel, aluminum, block, drywall, copper, tin, wood or any other material a factory might be made of. We match our preparation, priming and application methods to your surfaces for the best possible outcome. We are experts and preserving and protecting your valuable assets to extend their useful life. Our factory services also include factory restoration services where we do extensive repair and replacement of materials that are too damaged to be effectively painted. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction and we will advise you of the best way to paint your walls, floors, and ceilings on both the interior and exterior of your factory.

Specialty Painting

When your factory services include the need for specialty painting we have the team in place to meet your specific needs. Many of our factory services cover specialty painting such as fire retardant painting, flexible painting, high temperature painting, low VOC painting, moisture resistant painting, foam painting, mold resistant painting, non-slip painting, waterproof and many other factory painting service needs. We will listen carefully to your requirements and make recommendations to provide the best solutions to meet both your budget and your needs.

Surface Preparation

Factory surfaces often require special preparation prior to priming and painting. These factory services might include, abrading, caulking, degreasing, acid pickling, masking, scrubbing, patching, scuffing, spackling and stain sealing among others. Factory Painting USA is the nationwide contractor adept at all factory surface preparation methods and techniques. This is one more reason to choose the experienced professionals at Factory Painting USA for every factory painting job you have.