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Painting Factory Equipment

Painting Factory Equipment

The professionals at Factory Painting USA understand the care and maintenance of your factory equipment is no less important than your factory buildings. Depending on the types of factory equipment you use and their function, the maintenance of painted surfaces can be a serious challenge.

Outdoor factory equipment must be protected from the “micro weather” of heat, ash, acid rain or other airborne chemicals and debris produced by your factory. Indoor factory equipment must withstand its surroundings which can be very harsh in many factory settings. A durable coat of paint, expertly applied by the nationwide contractor that has been painting factory equipment for 40 years, protects these valuable assets and extends their useful life.

Conditions and Use

Factory Painting USA evaluates the conditions and use of your factory equipment and recommends paints and application methods to help prevent corrosion and the appearance of excessive wear. The selection of paint for your factory equipment takes into consideration its expected service life. In other words, why use a painting method that will last just two years on factory equipment you will use for the next five. We match the durability (i.e. cost) of the paints and coatings to the service time of your factory equipment.

Types and Preparation

Although factory equipment is a major expense it is also an important part of staying competitive. A key measure in extending the useful life of your factory equipment is taking steps to protect and preserve these costly assets. Fuel and oil tanks, forklifts, tractors, light towers, portable heating units, and the dozens of other factory equipment types you use each day require special paint preparation.

The first, and one of the most important, steps in painting your factory equipment is surface preparation. While sandblasting to clean grease, grime, oil and other debris is often the first choice, Factory Painting USA has a wide variety of abrasive blasting techniques in its arsenal. These include: almond shell blasting, coconut shell blasting, corn cob blasting, dry ice blasting, vacuum blasting, walnut shell blasting, and many other techniques. Once all the impurities are removed from your factory and the factory equipment is sanded smooth we move on to the painting process.

Paints and Coatings

The expertly cleaned surface help ensure the best adhesion when we apply our high quality primers, paints and coatings to your factory equipment. The nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA have been painting factory equipment for over 40 years. Our technicians apply these paints and coatings at just the right rate, allow the proper curing time and apply additional coats as required to get the durability needed for the factory equipment being painted.

Depending on the location, use and the environment your factory equipment is exposed to, Factory Painting USA makes a recommendation for the best paints or coatings specific to your needs. Enamels and powders are the most common forms of factory equipment paint. These paints and coatings are attractive, durable and available in many colors. The application methods of choice are spray and powder coating. It’s the size of the factory equipment and its use that will determine the best painting method. If you have large volume of smaller equipment to paint we may bring a portable spray booth to your factory to help complete the work.


Color can be a valuable asset not only in portraying your corporate identity but also in equipment inventory management. Color coding factory equipment makes it easy to determine to what department a specific piece of equipment belongs and helps prevent theft. Let us know what specific needs you have for colors and in just about every case we can accommodate you.

Replace or Repair?

Deciding to replace or repair your factory equipment can be a tough choice. A replacement with an upgrade may improve efficiency. However, it’s expensive and cost control is always tops on the bosses mind. In many instances, repainting the factory equipment is a better investment than replacing it. Even if you decide to replace it shortly after painting, chances are you will get a better price for it on the secondary market with it looking freshly painted.

Quality factory equipment painting from Factory Painting USA will help preserve and protect your investment. It usually extends the life of the factory equipment and it projects a positive company image to your employees and especially your customers. The appearance of your factory buildings and factory equipment can help move a purchase decision your way when a customer is on the fence between suppliers. Talk with us about a regular factory painting maintenance plan for your entire factory.


We offer our clients factory equipment painting services with excellent pricing and programs to meet your budget requirements. We recommend including this investment in factory equipment maintenance in your annual budget to make sure your factory equipment is not neglected thus reducing its useful live and value.

Factory Painting USA is the top choice as your nationwide contractor. You can’t do better than our skilled labor force and expertise in cleaning, preparing and applying factory equipment paints and coatings. Advances in factory equipment painting technology make it affordable to protect your factory equipment from harmful elements such as acid rain, corrosion and rust.