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Painting Factory Machinery

Painting Factory Machinery

Factory machinery is a critical component in just about every factory environment. Painting factory machinery is important to maintain its value and keep your factory looking clean and sharp. When it is time for painting factory machinery, then call the specialists at Factory Painting USA. You have invested big dollars in CNC machines, robots, forklifts, and the hundreds of other types of factory machinery that make factories productive. Your factory machine operators perform regular maintenance on the mechanical parts of the equipment, but who is taking care of its exterior? The professionals at Factory Painting USA paint factory machinery in addition to all the other nationwide factory painting services we offer. Whether you are located in Florida or Washington or any place in between, we are the nationwide contractor with the expertise and reach for painting factory machinery.

Managing Downtime

As professional factory painting contractors we understand that time is money. You can’t afford to have your factory machinery shutdown for extended periods of time for painting. This is why our hours are flexible and we can schedule your factory machinery painting during regular factory downtime periods. There is no reason that the painting can’t be part of your regular maintenance. We are the nationwide contractor that works with you to keep your factory machines working.

Cleaning and Preparation

Our expertise in factory machinery includes knowing how to protect it during the cleaning and painting process. Paint won’t stick to poorly prepared surfaces. Our expert technicians will clean the surfaces with a combination of chemical and or abrasive cleaners. Of course, prior to cleaning and painting we will work with you and your machine operators and maintenance staff to determine the best methods to ensure the protection of your factory machinery. Once the factory machinery is cleaned we expertly apply the primers and paints. Most applications call for spray painting to leave a smooth, hard finish. Others call for electrostatic coating to leave a more durable finish that is thicker than traditional paint. Regardless of the application method, we have a skilled team of nationwide contractors that can handle the job.


Factory Painting USA paints factory machinery of all sizes and shapes and in any section of your factory or outbuildings. We paint all types of factory machinery including: metalworking, assembly, robotics, packaging, presses, printing, automated or semi-automated machinery, mixing, blending, spinning, cleaning or any other machinery you have in your plant. Over forty years of factory machinery painting has taught us how to handle these expensive machines. We know that your specific equipment will have parts that must be carefully protected from cleaning debris and paints. We always work with our clients to identify these areas and take special precautions to protect them.

Factory Machinery Environment

The proximity to heat, cold, harsh chemicals or other factors will influence the decisions made on how, where and what to use when painting factory machinery. We have the expertise to make recommendations on specific formulas of paints and powders that can stand up to the factory environment for years to come. Even if the paint needs to be super durable to withstand frequent cleaning or debris, we can help reduce the long term machinery painting costs by using the best materials for the job.


Of course we have the ability to paint your factory machinery just about any color you choose. Color can help identify to what department a particular piece of machinery belongs. A wide variety of colors are available for both spray painting and powder coating applications. We can also stencil factory machine numbers or other lettering if you desire.

Resale Value

Once your factory machinery has reached the end of its useful life for you, chances are it will be more valuable on the secondary market if it looks fresh and clean. Getting more for your used factory machinery just makes sense in our competitive business climate. Call the nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA to give your used equipment a “face lift” prior to putting it up for sale. A fresh coat of paint not only helps preserve the value of your factory machinery but it also protects it from chemicals, rust and corrosion. Plus, having clean machinery throughout your factory helps build morale and inspires workers to keep their work area clean. Not to mention the benefits you get when you tour potential customers through the plant and all your machinery looks fresh and well maintained.


Our factory machinery painting services are available in a variety of ways. We can simply come in and paint the machinery you designate or we can set up a long term program to keep all your factory machinery looking its best on a regular basis. Annual plans help you manage your budget and make sure that important maintenance gets completed.

Quality and Professionalism

Getting a job done and getting it done right, on time, within budget and with the highest quality are two different things. We are nationwide contractors with extensive experience painting all types of factory machinery and equipment. It is usually more expensive in the long run, and sometime in the short run as well, to select an inexperienced contractor that simply can’t perform as expected. Ease your mind and go with the pros. Call Factory Painting USA today for all your factory painting needs.