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Painting Factory Floors

Painting Factory Floors

Painting Factory floors is as much a part of our regular nationwide contractor services as exterior and interior wall painting. Keeping a fresh coat of paint on your factory floors helps them not only look better, but makes them much safer. Call Factory Painting USA for expert factory floor painting anywhere in the nation.

At Factory Painting USA we paint factory floors of all types and sizes. Our experience includes painting factory floors made of concrete, brick, steel and wood in buildings as small as 10,000 square feet up to huge industrial complexes of one million square feet and larger. Whether we are painting a small or large floor our expertise and attention to detail are the same. You always get the finest factory floor painting with Factory Painting USA.


Factory floors take a beating unlike any other building surface. At Factory Painting USA we can make your factory floors look like new again. And while keeping them looking good is nice, safety factors often play an even larger role. Dirty, greasy and grimy floors can be unsafe for both foot and vehicle traffic. In addition, grease and dirt can hide important markings on your factory floors that aids in both safety and efficiency.

It may be that your factory floors are best painted with a textured paint to help reduce slipping. Slip resistant paints help improve safety and protect your floor as well. Factory Painting USA has been using slip resistant paints for painting factory floors for years. We would be happy to discuss your situation in detail and provide a free estimate of our complete factory floor painting services.

Striping, safety and hazard markings on your factory floors are critical to reducing downtime due to injuries. Painting factory floors to add warning signs, mark hazards and “off limits” areas all improve factory safety. We are up to date on all OSHA recommended painting requirements and will apply this knowledge when painting factory floors at your factory. You can depend on Factory Painting USA to get this right and help make your work environment a safer place.


Prior to any painting job the factory cleaning team at Factory Painting USA goes to work to prepare your floors for painting. We have a large arsenal of tools and techniques to efficiently clean your factory floors of all the dirt and debris that would mar and reduce longevity of your factory floor paint.

Depending on the traffic your floors are subjected to we may recommend a variety of coatings. For example, painting factory floors with epoxies and urethanes help protect factory floors from chemicals, oils, scratching and normal wear and tear. These factory floor paints are very tough and durable for the most demanding factory floor painting.

Light Manufacturing

All factory floor painting jobs are not in a heavy industrial setting. Manufacturers of electronics, appliances, furniture and other durable goods and consumer products all need their factory floors painted from time to time. The nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA handle these specialty floors as well. We have special techniques when painting factory floors to keep overspray to a minimum. We also may use paints with less harmful Volatile Organic Compound out-gassing. It is VOC’s that can make people sick I inhaled too much.

Restoration and Decoration

For extremely tough factory floor painting jobs we use epoxy coatings to deliver quality factory floor painting results to some of the most challenging floor painting problems. Factory supervisors often request epoxy floor coatings for their damage-resistance, longevity and aesthetics. Applied by the factory floor painting pros at Factory Painting USA, these epoxy coatings require much less maintenance at reasonable costs.

If areas of your factory require factory floor painting with a little more swagger, we can paint your concrete floors with decorative coatings. These coatings give concrete floors a striking visual appeal at a fraction of the cost of replacing the floor. Our factory floor painting services include making recommendations for colors and textures that will be functional and beautiful. With freshly painted factory floors, you may be able to avoid the expense of flooring materials like wood and carpeting. We will make your concrete floors shine!


Factory floor painting does not always take place on the inside of the factory. Parking lots, parking garages, platforms, loading docks and other factory structures require expert factory floor painting as well. Whether it is inside our outside, well marked parking lots and roads help keep traffic flowing and reduce accidents.

Professional Service

It’s never a good idea to take your industrial floors for granted. We are experts at caring for the surfaces of your factory buildings, machines, equipment, shops and structures. While it is common to paint the outsides of factory buildings more often because everyone sees them first, your factory floors are no less important. Our factory floor painting jobs get the same planning and expertise before, during and after the painting as every other project. You can depend on Factory Painting USA to make your floors and every other factory surface look its very best.