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Painting Factory Walls

Factory Wall Painting

Painting Factory Walls is a staple of our nationwide factory painting services. In fact, painting factory walls is just about the first thing our customers want to discuss. Our experience includes painting factory walls made of concrete, brick, steel, wood, composites and just about every other wall material out there. Regardless of the height, length or materials involved, the nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA have the skilled labor force, experience and expertise for painting factory walls on time, within budget and with the highest quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers trust us because we have over 47 years of experience painting factory walls. We are seasoned nationwide contractors with the highest level of integrity and values. We are committed to leaving your factory walls with a quality finish that will stand up to the elements for years to come. No job is finished until you are completely satisfied with the results.

There are no surprises with our factory wall painting services. We start with expertly prepared estimates and explain in detail everything we propose to do to make your factory walls look fantastic. Our extensive experience means that our estimates are always spot on. The estimate is critical in painting factory walls as well as all the other factory painting services we offer. It allows you to understand the exact costs to get your factory walls painted and plan your budget accordingly.


Regardless of the size of your organization you can trust that Factory Painting USA will handle your factory wall painting with expert safety requirements in place. Every crew member is trained in safe and effective factory wall painting practices. We require our team members to use proper protective gear and adhere to strict safety standards. You don’t get to be among the nation’s elite nationwide contractors without an excellent safety record.

Tough Jobs

Our customers depend on us even in the most demanding factory wall painting circumstances. Some factory walls require extensive preparation, even to the point of having sections of the walls rebuilt prior to painting. We are happy to work with your construction team or supply our own to make the walls look like new.

In most cases there is simply excessive dirt, grease and peeling paint that we can readily handle with our factory cleaning services. We are experts at sandblasting and all abrasive blasting techniques to get your factory walls ready for painting. We will select the most cost effective cleaning method and include this as part of the estimate.

Nationwide Contractor

Our customers with facilities across the country appreciate that we can paint factory walls form California to Maine. As a nationwide contractor we have an extensive network of skilled painters, equipment suppliers and supervisors that are available in every part of the country. They know the importance of choosing a factory painting contractor with the experience to handle the job. By using Factory Painting USA for every job, they know they are always getting the best price, outstanding service and quality.

Methods and Materials

We will make an assessment of your factory walls and determine the very best way to clean, prime and paint them. We will match our factory wall painting methods and materials to the environment and structures to be painted. Concrete walls, frequently exposed to salt air and water on the coastlines, often require different treatment than metal walls in the Midwest. The key is that Factory Painting USA will work with you and explain all the options so you know the longevity of the various materials compared to their costs. Armed with this information you can make the best factory wall painting decision for your company.

Protect Your Assets

Preventing deterioration of valuable assets simply makes good business sense. Your factory walls are the first line of defense against the elements and also the first thing your customers and potential customers see when they visit your facility. Factory wall painting from Factory Painting USA keeps the “face” of your company looking great and it protects these assets from mold, rust, corrosion and weather damage. It is always much cheaper to paint factory walls then to replace them.

Choose the Best!

When you select a nationwide contractor with our reputation for quality and safety you save your company both headaches and money. It is much less expensive for you to hire us to paint your factory walls once, then to have a cheap service provider paint and then have to repaint again because they cut corners on preparation or materials. It is because of our size and experience that we can paint your factory walls for a competitive price that is well within your budget. The benefit is that you get the highest quality work and on time completion.

Remember, choosing the wrong factory wall painting contractor can be a costly mistake. Factory Painting USA will stay in contact with you throughout the project so you will know exactly how we are progressing. In our planning meetings with your management staff we will explain in detail how we will proceed and carefully review safety requirements. We of course, will also adhere to any specific safety requirements of your facilities. Save money and time. Call the nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA today.