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Painting Concrete Plants

Scope Of Work Painting Concrete Plants

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Is Painting Concrete Plants Necessary?

Painted concrete plants have several benefits. Applying a fresh coat of paint can ideally spruce up concrete surfaces and bring life, especially if they are worn out. Paining concrete plants is essential in masking surface discoloration and as well as signs of wear and tear. Additionally, it extends life of the concrete surfaces by preventing further damage. When you coat concrete surfaces with paint, they become relatively easy to clean and maintain, which is another definite plus.

Nevertheless, most factory and property owners and managers rarely choose to paint concrete surfaces. Understandably, painting concrete plants isn’t necessarily as simple as rolling a new paint color on the surface. The process is quite intensive, given most of the concrete surfaces tend to absorb paint and moisture given they are porous. Therefore, you’ll need a proper additional prep work. Other than the extra steps in the process, coating concrete surfaces is not necessarily a complicated project. Moreover, the finished product can as well be worth the effort.

Professionally, you’ll need to clean the concrete surface as the first step of attaining best results when painting such surfaces. When you apply paint to dirty, oily or rusty spots, you can be certain it will never bond properly. Therefore, you need to give the concrete plant surface a thorough scrub using a stiff brush and recommended degreaser. Use a wire brush to strip old and flaking paint. Allow the concrete surface to dry the repair any visible cracks and holes you find using a concrete patch kit. Then let it cure fully before continuing.

In many instances, paint often adheres best to textured surfaces. Therefore, you can test the consistency by pouring some water on it. In case the water soaks in, it means the surface is porous enough; hence you can paint it. Otherwise, you can choose to rough up the surface one more time using a concrete etching solution. Also, have it mind that wet concrete is never paint-friendly. In some cases, adding a concrete primer may again come in handy in making sure you achieve strong adhesion and smooth finish.

Importantly, you must ensure you select the right paint for painting concrete plants. Most paints for this purpose tend to be comparatively more durable and thicker than most of the other types. Epoxy-based paints are ideal for stain resistance and maximum durability. And when applying the paint on the surface, ensure you use a textured roller or masonry paintbrush. These often guarantee fuller coverage, especially when you are painting the floor or walls.

As you can see, the entire process can be quite overwhelming for an ordinary person to understand and execute. It is the reason professional assistance is always recommended when in need of painting concrete plants. Factory Painting  USA is always a call away from offering all your concrete painting solutions. Your location or size of plant do not matter to us. We always guarantee best results with the least disruption possible for your factory processes. When you require such painting services, always think Factory Painting USA.