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Painting Contractor

Factory Painting USA is a nationwide factory contractor that specializes in making your factory look great. Our factory painting contractor service provides a wide range of benefits from improving the look of the structure to protection from the elements and extending service life. As a professional nationwide contractor we paint all surfaces of your plant including walls, floors, ceilings, equipment and other surfaces located on the inside or outside of the facility.

Our extensive experience in factory painting is one key reason you should choose us as your factory painting contractor. Factory painting is a highly specialized skill requiring specific knowledge and equipment in order to do the job safely and efficiently. Most factory painting contractors, such as those that do primarily residential painting, do not have the skills or resources to handle a factory painting job. Hiring the right factory painting contractor is extremely important. Factory Painting USA saves time and money for our clients in both hard and soft costs.

Facility Types

As a nationwide factory painting contractor we understand the challenges various surfaces present. Brick, concrete, steel, aluminum or wood, we plan our work based on the surfaces to be painted, climate and conditions. No two jobs are exactly alike when it comes to factory painting. Our nationwide contractor services cover all facility types. This includes large manufacturing operations, marinas, farms, oil refineries, warehouses, chemical plants, tank farms and just about any other industrial or commercial operation you can imagine.

We paint for corrosion control and other protective needs including fire retardants. We paint steel and wood decking, structural steel, anti-static decking, anti-skid flooring, interiors and exteriors of airplane hangars and other massive structures. Our services include safety markings and floor striping, waterproofing, graphics and murals. This is but a small sampling of the work we have performed in our over 40 years in business.

Contractor Skills

Factory Painting is best left to an experienced factory contractor like Factory Painting USA. More often than not the surfaces to be painted require factory grade cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. Handling the equipment and cleaning agents is an important safety issue as well. We have the experience as factory painting contractors to handle the preparation of surfaces and application of primers and paints to make your buildings and equipment look brand new.

We use a variety of methods to coat surfaces. As a nationwide contractor we are versatile, flexible and are able to offer a wide range of preparation processes, as well as a wide range of coating techniques and methods. Factory Painting USA invests a significant amount of time in seminars and education to stay current on the latest materials and techniques to keep your buildings looking great.


When you choose us as your factory painting contractor you benefit from our expertise. With factory painting and coating materials “one size fits all” just does not apply. Coatings used for high temperatures will be very different from those used for underwater applications. Our experts will recommend the best acrylics, enamels, epoxies, stains and other types of coatings to meet your specific needs.

In factory painting, applying paint with a brush, roller or sprayer are not the only options. Powder coating, for example, is a process where particles of dry paint have an electrostatic charge applied before being positioned on a grounded surface. The particles are held on the surface by electrostatic attraction. Heat is then applied, which allows the powder coating to flow together and be cured in place. This is often the best option for machinery and heavy equipment. Regardless of the buildings or equipment you need painted, you can trust Factory Painting USA for quality work and great results.

Professional Painting Contractor

As professional factory painting contractors, we are dedicated to extending the life of your assets by providing nationwide contractor services. We schedule our factory painting crews for minimal disruption to your daily operations. As knowledgeable and experienced factory painting contractors we handle specifications, planning, scheduling, preparation, painting, clean up and follow through.

When you hire Factory Painting USA you always get an expert factory contractor at competitive prices. From the estimate to the final invoice there are no surprises. Our painters are adept at handling every demanding manufacturing environment while always maintaining safety and the unique requirements of any specific industry.

As an experienced nationwide factory contractor we are adept at working with you to generate estimates, invoices and other paperwork that fits well into your accounting and business management systems. We want to be your preferred factory contractor. In order to do this we’ve adapted our invoicing and estimating systems to meet a wide range of billing and reporting needs. This way you not only get the very best factory contractor services for cleaning, preparation, and painting, but also accurate bills with the information you need to keep them moving through your accounting system. So if you have a special request just let us know. We can almost always accommodate it.

When it comes to factory painting services there is no job too big or small for Factory Painting USA. Call the expert factory painting contractors today and see what a positive impact it makes on your factory.