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Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services

Factory Painting USA is not just a premier nationwide factory painting contractor, but also a nationwide factory cleaning contractor. With over four decades of experience in the field, we’ve developed expertise in both factory cleaning and factory painting. This diversity allows our customers to have one nationwide contractor they can trust for these valuable factory services.

Our factory cleaning services include cleaning floor surfaces, machinery, factory structures and factory equipment. Our nationwide factory cleaning customers know that effective cleaning is critical. Removing grease and paint from machinery and vehicles, chemical cleaning, abrasive blasting, shutdown work, drain cleaning, tank cleaning and boiler cleaning are just a few of the hundreds of factory cleaning services we offer.

Heavy duty cleaning in an industrial and factory environment is a specialized skill. We have the training, experience and equipment plus the safety standards to perform factory cleaning services quickly, efficiently and safely. Regardless of whether your factory cleaning needs are interior or exterior, we can handle the job.

We developed our factory cleaning services in the beginning as a factory painting preparation need. Over the years our customers have come to call us for cleaning even when they don’t plan on painting. When you look at your factory walls and think, “There’s a coat of paint under there somewhere,” then its time to call Factory Painting USA. Our factory cleaning services remove oil, grease, dirt, mold, dust and everything else on your factory that looks unsightly and may be unhealthy as well.

Plants and factories usually require regular factory cleaning services for the drains, vessels, tanks and boilers. As a nationwide contractor, the cleaning of dockyards, power stations, warehouses, refineries, manufacturing plants and many types of industrial complexes are all part of our factory cleaning services resume.

Cleaning Services: Maintenance

Factory cleaning service is often the perfect answer to maintaining a safe manufacturing facility. A dirty factory environment presents hazards that are a leading cause of on the job injuries. Many injuries can be prevented with expert factory clearing from Factory Painting USA. As the go to nationwide contractors in the business, we take no shortcuts and hire only qualified professionals that are trustworthy to do superior quality work.

Our factory cleaning service technicians come prepared with special cleaning equipment, solvents and products. Regardless of the size, scope or specialty of your factory cleaning requirements, Factory Painting USA provides these critical cleaning services. We clean dust collectors, towers, hoods, clean rooms, factory exhaust systems, air-handling systems, factory floors and more.

Cleaning Floors

Many people say there is no easy way to clean your factory floors of oils and heavy grease. We disagree. The fastest and easiest way is to call Factory Painting USA. We have the experience to quickly and safely clean even the nastiest grease and grime from your floors.

Factory employees can’t clean workplace floors of oil and grease by using regular cleaning products. They are simply insufficient for the job. In fact, poor cleaning methods can often leave your floors worse off than when you started. Our factory cleaning services utilize high pressure equipment, proper solvents when needed and we play close attention to environmental concerns being careful to remove debris with vacuum trucks rather than washing it down sewers.

Cleaning Safety

We thoroughly train our staff to never take shortcuts on health and safety standards. If an unsafe condition or practice is spotted, they stop their work and correct the safety issue. Our factory cleaning services often take place in toxic environments. As debris is cleaned from the floors and machinery in your factory, it poses risks to people near the jobsite as well as the environment in general. Our team is expertly trained to mitigate these issues and ensure that your factory cleaning job is handled in the safest way possible and in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and guidelines.

The industrial and factory settings of the cleaning work we do demand that our health and safety commitment must never be compromised. We develop solid health and safety work habits in each employee and hold them to rigorous safety standards. We do this for their protections as well as your employees and the environment.


There is no substitute for the factory cleaning professionals at Factory Painting USA. Hiring an inexperienced and poorly equipped cleaning service may appear cheaper in the beginning, but when the job runs long and the quality is poor, most customers realize that true professionals would be a better choice. Better not only for the quality and speed of the work, but overall cost savings as well because the cleaning is more thorough and lasts longer. It is just about always more expensive to do the job twice rather than do it right the first time.

At Factory Painting USA we are keenly aware that we are a distraction to your workforce. We go to such extreme lengths for quality, speed and safety to do the job quickly so you can return to your normal working schedule. You have schedules and deadlines to meet and work with you to perform factory cleaning services during your scheduled down time.

Call Factory Painting USA today for the best in factory cleaning and painting.