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Painting Factory Shops

Painting Factory Shops

Factory Painting USA is the nationwide contractor with expertise in painting all structures on factories of any size and in any part of the country. This includes painting factory shops. Painting factory shops is difficult for less experienced painters, but our extensive experience has taught us the best techniques. As a nationwide painting contractor we are the first and best choice for all your factory painting needs.

Painting factory shops requires a company with our experience and skills because of its diverse nature and special needs. Whether these are maintenance shops, tool sheds, repair facilities or any other factory shop, chances are in our 40 plus years of experience we have painted something like it. We use the same skilled labor force for painting factory shops as we do for painting an entire factory. Our quality is always “industry best” regardless of the size of the project.


Factory shops are considerably smaller than large factory structures. When we are painting factory shops we take extra care to move or mask sensitive equipment and tools to prevent damage. The highest risk for damage comes during the cleaning process. If aggressive techniques like sandblasting are required we are careful to cover and mask sensitive equipment or even remove it prior to starting the process. If specialized blasting techniques such as dry ice blasting, sponge blazing or vacuum blasting are needed, we have the skills to handle that as well. Once your surfaces are expertly prepared we begin the priming and painting process.

Mold and Mildew Remediation

Factory shops that are located in the recesses of a building don’t always get the best natural light and ventilation. These factors can combine with moisture to produce mold and mildew. If required, prior to painting factory shops we will expertly remove the mold and mildew from the surfaces. Mold and mildew remediation is important for the indoor air quality and the health of your employees. Once complete, we can begin painting factory shops with water proof sealers to help keep mold and mildew from coming back.

Exterior shops

As a nationwide contractor we handle painting factory shops throughout your industrial complex and across the country. We paint exteriors of wood, block, brick, steel, stucco and any other siding material. We will prepare the surfaces using scrapping, sanding, or more aggressive abrasive blasting techniques as needed. A fresh coat of paint from the nationwide painting contractors at Factory Painting USA means that your factory shops are protected from the elements. This extends their useful life and keeps them looking good in the process.


Painting factory shops should be part of your regular factory maintenance program. In fact, we would be happy to put together a program for you to systematically maintain all the painting on your factory buildings, equipment, machinery and structures. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your factory running smoothly. Factory painting and coating is an important part of that regular maintenance.

Paints, Primers and Coatings

Prior to painting factory shops we do a careful analysis of the buildings. We look at their proximity to high heat, factory debris, smoke, steam and traffic along with the use of the building. After this analysis we make recommendations for painting your factory shops with the most cost effective combination of cleaning, priming, painting and coating. We make recommendations for factory shop painting based on this cost/benefit analysis.

This puts the information in your hands to make decisions that protect your valuable assets and stay within your budget. It may be best for you to opt for heavier enamel and epoxy coatings for greater longevity or for standard paints that are less expensive. We will make our recommendations but the choice is always yours.


When painting factory shops or any factory painting for that matter, the old adage, “The bitterness of poor quality far outlasts the sweetness of a low price,” could not be truer. You can always find a cheaper way to paint your factory shops. Fly by night companies that cut corners in cleaning, preparation or the quality of their primers and paints, can make you feel great at first. When they finish the job things look good on the surface. It’s when the paint peels and flakes and you have to repaint far sooner than what was promised that the trouble starts. Your phone calls go unanswered and unreturned and you end up spending more to fix their work than what quality work would cost in the first place.

With our forty years of experience as a nationwide contractor we have seen this happen all too often. With Factory Painting USA our goal is not simply to paint your factory. It is to develop a long term relationship based on the quality of our work, our excellent pricing and consistently completing our work on time and within budget.

Selecting a nationwide factory painting contractor with our reputation for quality and safety saves you money in the long run. Painting factory shops is just one of many factory painting jobs we handle on a daily basis. Factory painting jobs are second nature to us and we grow by doing superior work. Most of our customers use us again and again on factory painting projects nationwide. Call us today and find out just how easy it is to put the pros at Factory Painting USA to work for you.