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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing
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The Best Pressure Washing Company in the USA

At Factory Painting USA, we understand that you can hardly get a second chance to make the first impression. And for commercial, industrial and even residential properties that the first impression is of absolute importance. A clean and well-maintained industrial building often looks more effective. Moreover, both your employees and customers will always find it more appealing to walk into your doors and corridors. Understandably, industrial pressure washing requires the right machinery, detergents as well as proper training. These are the core elements, which guarantee successful cleaning of the stubborn grease and dirt habitually, identical with industrial settings.

Factory Painting USA has also specialized in cleaning a wide range of commercial and industrial premises. This is something we have been doing for the longest time in our entire existence in this trade. What’s more is we have a well-experienced crew with technical know-how to undertake all aspects, which require pressure washing. Additionally, we have a professional crew that will always beautify your property and correct apparent problems likely to cause structural damages.

We are a licensed company hence can operate in any state within the country without any restrictions. Of course, this is a plus given different customers are usually located in various parts of the country. We also have a valid insurance cover from some of the notable firms in the US, which adds to the value addition of our service. What it means is in case of any unfortunate event, we can compensate you fully. And most importantly, we have a company tradition of customer satisfaction. Quite a number of our client base are repeat customers. This is a clear indication we provide satisfactory results to all the people we serve.

And we also offer a variety of pressure washing solutions, which include but not limited to the following;

  • Exterior washing – We have sufficient equipment for reaching all the surfaces of external surfaces. The height doesn’t matter; we have cranes and other facilities to get the job done.
  • Warehouse and floor washing – We eliminate all types of stains slippery spots and oil thus creating a somewhat safer environment for your employees.
  • Loading dock cleaning – Our pressure washing services remove grime, dirt, and any other accumulated debris. This helps create a safer work area for people frequenting the place.
  • Interior washing – We strive to leave the professional appearance of all your interior surfaces by removing dirt, stain, cobwebs and oily spots.
  • Sidewalk washing – We clean the dirt common on sidewalks such as gum, stains hence making these surfaces as clean as new.
  • Machinery and equipment – Our pressure washing methods come in handy in cleaning different aspects of the equipment and machinery in your company. We clean all the grease, oil and other stubborn dirt from the surface of your machines.

Whether your interest is to obtain a one-time or on-going pressure washing cleaning services, we can get the work done. And in case you have any concerns about your project, which requires power washing, feel free to give us a call or merely drop us an email. We would be glad to discuss your project.