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Painting Preparation

Our Painting Preparation

Factory painting preparation is of vital importance to a quality finish. Proper preparation before painting cannot be overemphasized in factory painting or any other painting job. At Factory Painting USA we take painting preparation very seriously. We also set up communication schedules and touch points so you are aware of every step in the process for maximum efficiency and excellent results.

Safety First

The first step to ensure safety is the pre-painting preparation meeting with your management team and ours. At this meeting we discuss the scope of work involved and put safety requirements in place. Safety rules are strictly enforced to make sure the work is completed without injuries or incidents.

Safety and OSHA compliance is a critical concern in factory painting preparation. All of our painters are trained and certified in proper maintenance and operation of elevated work platforms and lifts. Please feel free to contact our office and request a copy of the certification for any of our painters associated with your project.

Factory Painting USA crews are well-trained and experienced with all required equipment including swing stages, aerial lifts, and temporary tower scaffolding. This means that we are well qualified to safely paint factories of any size or height.

Keeping your factory running efficiently is important to us and we work with you to establish the best time to work in each area. Our goal is always minimum disruption to your operation and we set up extra precautions for 24-hour operations.

Equipment Handling And Storage – Bins

Part of the factory painting preparation process is safe and secure storage of equipment and tools. Only trained and authorized personnel are to handle our equipment. We bring in large bins for on-site storage and secure all heavy equipment. We will keep our equipment out of your way when not in use and keep it securely locked up to reduce liabilities.

Protecting Surrounding Areas

We take care to prepare the work environment to protect your landscaping and surrounding structures from cleaning debris and paint. We use 1” thick plywood when positioning lifts to help distribute the weight of the equipment evenly and protect your grounds. Temporary screens, tarps and barriers are installed as needed to create a safe workspace and also prevent overspray.

Trenching Below Existing Grade

Below grade trenching is a routine part of our exterior painting preparation. Below grade surfaces take extra care and it is important that this step is not neglected. Trenching, and cleaning these areas ensures good adhesion of the primer and paint for better protection of your assets.

Surface Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of all surfaces helps ensure the best adhesion and longer lasting results. There are dozens of methods available for this part of factory painting preparation. Our experience and skill allows Factory Painting USA to select the method that cost-effectively cleans surfaces with minimal disruption to your operations. Whether sandblasting, water blasting, or another technique is required, we are the nationwide contractor with the skills and experience to do the job right.

Surface Repair/Caulking – Matching Existing Surfaces

Factory painting preparation often involves repairing both wood and metal surfaces when they are damaged. We handle all repair projects, whether major or minor, with efficiency and attention to detail. We work hard to match existing surface textures as closely as possible. Should extensive repairs be needed we call in experts in the field to complete any work that is outside of our area of expertise.

Priming Bare And Exposed Wood Or Metal

Any bare wood or metal is primed to ensure the best adhesion of the paint and primer. We want your factory to look fresh for as long as possible. This is why we go to such great care in painting preparation work. We are the nationwide contractor you can depend on for all factory painting preparation work.


Once your factory is properly prepared we are ready for painting. All primers and paints are expertly applied with the best equipment and skilled workers. We don’t use cheap paints or primers that will chip and peel long before their time. Remember that the bitterness of poor quality will far outlast the sweetness of a low price. We use quality paints for the very best results.

Progress Walks – Quality And Consistency

It often takes weeks or months to complete large factory painting projects. We schedule regular progress walks to show you the status of the work. You will not have to wonder what we are doing as you have access to us every step of the way.

Factory painting preparation is one of the most critical steps in the process. Without the proper attention to detail in the preparation, the painting will never look as good as it should or last as long. Factory Painting USA has the experience and skill needed to do the job right. Call the professional nationwide contractors at Factory Painting USA today for an estimate.