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Color Coding Stairs & Hand Rails

Color Coding Stairs & Hand Rails
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Color Coding Stairs and Hand Rails can be Key to a Secure Workplace

While slips, trips, and falls may seem unimportant, businesses must take them seriously, especially in industrial settings. By Color Coding Stairs and Hand Rails, owners and managers of commercial facilities can prevent major accidents and make sure that they are meeting occupational health and safety regulations.

Stairs are very important, not just for residential premises but also for industrial facilities. It would be quite unusual for a storied commercial building to be without stairs. Any good stairs should have all the elements that define safety and functionality, including handrails that help provides support when going up or down a stairway. Well-built and marked handrails are particularly helpful in areas with high hazards. They not only provide support when using the stairs but also ensure the safety of the people using it.

Your business premise should be accident-proof, mainly in areas that pose great risks. Ensuring that everyone is safe by Color Coding Stairs and Hand rails in your building is a must. You can ask any contractor or even property owner what their biggest nightmare is- a majority of the responses will be liabilities. In the current era, even if you are found blameless in the case of an accident, the costs of having to defend yourself or business and even the loss of customers through a black mark to your reputation could mean an end. This is why, when it comes to the access areas in your workplace, you need to ensure that they comply.

A major area of your stairway that requires attention is the hand rails. Studies have consistently shown that a majority of these rails do not actually meet safety standards. If a hand rail isn’t properly coded to indicate potential hazards, it could easily cause accidents with serious casualties. It is your responsibility to ensure that stairs and hand rail hazards are visible and detectable. Furthermore, it would be best if you remember that while your stairs may comply with building codes and regulations when they are first built, they may sustain wear over time. Stairway flooring may be exposed to elements of wear, making it important always to mark areas that you feel could pose potential risks to users.

If you want to avoid your business becoming another statistic in the growing list of injuries and even deaths associated with accidental falls on stairways, you need to ensure that they comply with industrial building codes as well as occupational health and safety regulations. As well as this, regularly inspect the stairs and rails using a professional contractor to ensure that they are still in optimal condition and that coding is still functional and communicative of its purpose. For more insight and help with Color Coding Stairs and Hand Rails, contact Factory Painting USA. We have diverse knowledge and experience in this field to guarantee you expert advice and execution of the best color-coding mechanism for your stairs and handrails. Let us help you remain compliant and liabilities.