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Nationwide Services

Our Nationwide Painting Services

Factory Painting USA offers nationwide painting services to a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients. Our expertise in nationwide services demonstrates that our painting services are among the best in the country. Whether you require nationwide painting services for your factory or industrial complex or you are a retailer with a nationwide presence, you save time, money and ensure the best finished work by choosing Factory Painting USA. We are the nationwide contractor that does it all.

Factories and Industrial Properties

We have been painting factories and offering factory services nationwide since 1975. Our experienced nationwide contractors have the skills required to do the job right. You see, slapping a little paint on a factory is simply not going to get the job done. It takes careful planning, cleaning, preparation, priming and finished coat application to get results that look great and will stand the test of time.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your properties, our nationwide painting service can handle the job. From steel mills to marinas, our nationwide contractor experience provides clients peace of mind. Running your business in these complex economic times is tough enough; it makes sense to hire a nationwide painting contractor that delivers on time and on budget performance. With Factory Painting USA, painting is one project you don’t have to worry about.

Any Size Project, Anywhere in the Country

As an experienced nationwide contractor, Factory Painting USA handles jobs of all sizes anywhere in the country. Our unique skills and easily scalable crews make us an ideal choice for nationwide factory services regardless of the size. Just because your operations might not be the size of a major steel mill, does not mean that you need any less quality in your factory painting. Go with the pros and get the results you want on budget and on time.

Interior Painting

Our nationwide painting services include complete interior painting as well. We paint walls and ceilings along with floors and machinery for a wide variety of nationwide painting clients. A fresh coat of paint on the inside of your building not only adds to the aesthetics of your buildings but can improve visibility, safety, employee morale and customer impressions. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of just ceiling paint can do to improve your lighting. Previously dark areas become brighter with no additional electricity expense. Better visibility always improves safety by making hazards easier to see.

Our nationwide painting service also includes specialty painting of safety markers, signage, hazards, warnings and directional painting. We can stencil any message you need as part of our painting services. Areas that are clearly marked “Danger,” “Off Limits,” or other warnings can make dramatic improvements in safety. It is also much easier to identify pipes for repair that are painted specific colors throughout their length.

Our nationwide factory painting company crews are knowledgeable in OSHA safety color codes. Clear and distinct markings for hazards, fire-extinguishing and protective equipment all help improve your “days without an accident” performance.

Less Downtime

We have extensive experience in “staying out of your way.” Years of factory painting nationwide have taught us the best ways to get our work done without interfering with your day to day activities. Our crews are used to working second and third shifts when necessary and around the clock if systems must be shut down and time is of the essence.

We understand how important it is to keep your operations running smoothly during painting. Your needs are our top priority as we work with your leadership team to develop schedules and plans that cause the minimum disruption to your operations. Downtime is money lost and we work very hard to stay safe and out of the way of your day to day operations. Couldn’t you use a nationwide contractor with this level of service?

Additional Nationwide Painting Services

As part of our nationwide painting services we also supply nationwide cleaning services. Cleaning surfaces prior to painting is necessary when there is flaked paint, rust, grime, oils or other debris that will prevent good adhesion of paints and primers. The most common service is sandblasting. Sandblasting removes a wide variety of debris and is safe and effective for most applications.

However, if you require special cleaning our nationwide services handle that as well. Special situations can require anything from blasting with crushed walnut shells to dry ice. We are experts at painting preparation and will recommend the factory services that meet specifications in the most affordable way.

Our nationwide services can include regular inspections for problem areas of your buildings. A painting inspection can save you time and money by catching a problem early when a coat of paint will suffice, rather than waiting until metal rusts through or wood rots, resulting in a much more costly repair and more downtime.

Our nationwide painting services are tailored to your exact needs. We carefully evaluate your requirements and prepare an estimate and recommendations to complete the work. We stick to the budget and established timetable and keep you informed of our progress all along the way. In short, you can’t find a more professional nationwide painting service than Factory Painting USA. Give us a call and see how true professionals handle the work.