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Factory Painting Specialists

Factory Painting Specialists

Choosing factory painting specialists for large industrial buildings, tank farms, mills and manufacturing operations ensures you get the quality finished results you want-and that you get them for the best price. Factory Painting USA is a nationwide contractor that is also a factory painting specialist with the expertise required to accurately estimate the time and materials required for the job and this experience always saves you money over the course of the job.


Painting a factory is more complicated than typical painting and requires a factory specialist for the best results. Factory painting that will withstand the demands of extremely hot or cold environments, chemicals and solvents, heavy traffic and a wide variety of other factors means choosing a nationwide contractor that is also a factory specialist saves you time, trouble and money.

We have painted hundreds of factories and industrial complexes across the nation. Our factory painting specialists have painted buildings near the ocean that must withstand not only the rigors of the factory, but the high salt content in the air. Painting in arid climates requires paints that can withstand the high heat and intense sunlight. As a nationwide contractor we are equally skilled in climates of high humidity and moisture.

Our factory painting specialists will make your factory look like new. There is no substitute for the experience of a factory specialist when painting large structures like factories, industrial complexes, machinery, warehouses and even apartment complexes and shopping malls. We understand that fresh paint not only looks good, but it protects your plant and equipment from the elements and chemicals used at your factory. Extending the life of your building and reducing maintenance costs are important benefits of hiring Factory Painting USA as your factory painting specialists.

Quality and Safety

Our emphasis is on quality and safety. We are very careful to paint all surfaces in a safe manner and use only the highest quality paints formulated for your specific application. As factory specialists we understand different surfaces require different paints and preparation. In painting, there is no single paint that is suitable for all applications. We match the paints and primers to your specific needs so that our work stands the test of time.

Our factory painting company crews are knowledgeable in OSHA safety color codes. Clear and distinct markings for hazards, fire-extinguishing and protective equipment, trip and fall hazards, dangerous equipment, and of course first aid and safety equipment all help improve your “days without an accident” performance.

Safety is never compromised and our crews are experts at handling the equipment needed to do the job right. All scaffolds and lifts are installed and operated by experienced professionals that are well-trained in safety procedures. You can trust our factory painting specialists to work safely, efficiently and with the highest quality standards.

Energy Efficiency and Morale

A quality coat of paint from our factory painting specialists not only looks good but can help improve your bottom line as well. Using light reflecting colors in the interior of your building can help improve visibility while reducing electrical bills. Improved visibility helps in many areas from quality control to employee morale and safety. Coming to work in a well-lit and brightly colored work environment helps improve employee attitudes. Good work environments are often taken for granted but they help in many ways.

Any Project. Any Size.

Our trained factory painting specialists can handle any size job. From small warehouses to huge industrial complexes, our crews have done it all. Just because your factory or buildings are smaller doesn’t mean that you should trust their painting to anything less than a trained factory painting specialists. We give small projects the same careful attention to detail, professional preparation, expert painting and follow up as we do our “super sized” industrial projects. The only difference is the size of the crew and the length of time it takes to complete. Your property is valuable, don’t take a chance on an inexperienced painter.

Painting Preparation

A factory painting specialist understands the importance of painting preparation. At Factory Painting USA we take painting preparation very seriously. We also set up communication schedules and touch points so you are aware of every step in the process for maximum efficiency and excellent results.

It takes an experienced factory painting specialist to handle each stage of the process. At Factory Painting USA we take no shortcuts. It takes dedication, skill and experience to do the job right. Remember that choosing a factory painting specialist provides peace of mind in knowing:

  • Your project is estimated correctly so there are no surprises before, during or after the work is completed.
  • We work closely with you to ensure a minimum interruption to your daily business.
  • We take great care to protect your landscape and equipment from overspray and damage.
  • We expertly prepare your surfaces and use only the highest quality paints and primers for a beautiful, long lasting finish.
  • You have the peace of mind in knowing that true professionals are on the job and we will complete the work on time and on budget.