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About Our Painting Company

It takes an experienced factory painting company to produce consistently superior work when painting large industrial and commercial buildings and factories. Nationwide factory painting requires a company with specialized skills and techniques that only come with extensive training and on the job experience. You can trust Factory Painting USA to come through for your company regardless of the size or complexity of your painting requirements. Choosing a nationwide factory painting company with the experience of Factory Painting USA means you have experienced professionals skilled in the latest technologies and techniques. This saves you time and of course, money.

Selecting a factory painting company with our nationwide experience virtually guarantees quality work and a fair price. Our experience includes large government installations and institutions of all types. Whether it is storage tanks, shipyards, warehouses or steel mills, our team has the qualifications to efficiently and safely handle the job.

Accurate Estimates

Experience in estimating is just as important as having skilled painters for a factory painting company. Proper estimating helps ensure there are no cost overruns or surprises when invoices are received. We order just the right amount of materials to ensure the job is done right and you are not paying for unused paint and supplies.

An added benefit of proper estimating that doesn’t show up directly on the expense line is the hassle and stress caused by haggling with contractors over billing problems caused by poor estimating practices. Our experience assures you that our estimates are correct and your billing will be accurate and fair.

Experience Equals Savings

Since we understand the complexities of the job, we are in position to advise you on the best painting preparation, primers and paints that will not only make your factory look like new, but stand the test of time. This expertise saves you both time and money. We do the job more efficiently now, and the quality of our work makes the finish last longer so you don’t have to repaint as often.

Additional savings come in the form of soft costs. Our factory painting company takes the time to protect your landscaping and grounds with plywood and tarps to control overspray and damage from painting equipment such as lifts and scaffolds. We take the same care for the inside of your factory by carefully masking surfaces and equipment that need to be protected from overspray.

Reduced Downtime

As an experienced factory painting company we understand that downtime is lost revenue for you. We go out of our way when painting your factory to work with your management team to ensure the least amount of interruption to your day-to-day operations. If your factory operates less than 24-hour shifts we will paint when the plant is not running. If your plant is a 24-hour operation, we will develop a plan that causes the least disruption to your workflow.

Keep in mind that we are well equipped to paint your factory offices as well. The same professionalism and attention to detail is used in factory office painting. We take care of everything from moving and protecting furniture and office equipment, to masking windows, trim and doors. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for your office space. It will give everything a brand new look and increase employee morale as well.

Interior Painting

On the inside of your factory we can paint ceilings, walls, floors and machinery. We have the latest equipment and techniques to ensure quality finished work and a fair price. Studies have shown that employee morale is improved with a fresh and clean work environment. Color selection also helps to improve lighting. Improved lighting not only saves you money on electric bills, but improves safety as well.


Our factory painting company crews are knowledgeable in OSHA safety color codes. It is important for every manufacturing operation to stay accident free and maintain a safe working environment for its employees. Fresh paint markings for hazards, fire-extinguishing and protective equipment, trip and fall hazards, dangerous equipment, and of course first aid and safety equipment all help maintain a safe working environment.

Factory painting requires specialized skills and training to meet the unique demands of industrial companies. On the job safety is a top concern and our crews are experts at handling the equipment needed to do the job right. All scaffolds and lifts are installed and operated by experienced professionals that are well-trained in safety procedures. Our teams are used to painting at any height whether it’s inside or outside.

Our Story

All in all you get the maximum benefits of quality work, proper estimating and pricing, safe work practices and on-time delivery of projects by choosing Factory Painting USA, the factory painting company that offers factory services nationwide. When you are ready for your next big factory painting project just give us a call. We will do the job efficiently and at the best price. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having true professionals on the job and your factory painting is one less thing to worry about.