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Abrasive Blasting On Bosun’s Chair

Abrasive Blasting On Bosun's Chair
Scope Of Work Abrasive Blasting On Bosun's Chair

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All You Should Know About Professional Abrasive Blasting on Bosun’s Chair

Relatively tall commercial and industrial structures may seem to be quite challenging to maintain, especially when it comes to painting. Of course, there are several techniques, which are commonly used to paint such premises and surfaces. However, use of bosun’s chair has over a long time proved to be one of the most convenient options. Therefore, you can effectively use it in a wide range of applications, which require abrasive blasting. Nevertheless, it is an essential device that any professional painting contractor must have in place.

One advantage of using abrasive blasting on bosun’s chair is cost-effectiveness. When carrying out abrasive blasting in industrial premises, this equipment makes the work easier and faster. You can never experience height limitations when using this device. And even if you think the building is too tall, we can set different intervals for connecting the harnesses. At Factory Painting USA, we have been using bosun’s chair for cleaning various surfaces such as steel structures as well as sides of concrete. We also use the equipment in thorough surface preparation and subsequent painting where applicable.

The abrasive blasting process calls for uncompromised safety measures. The bosun’s chair we use for abrasive blasting process conforms to all the safety standards set by the regulatory bodies. The chairs we use for such tasks have two independent lifelines. One is for the chair, whereas the other one is for the person using it, thus preventing them from any fatal fall. When we choose to carry out abrasive blasting on bosun’s chair on your premises, we’ll always ensure everyone is protected. The bottom line nonetheless is that we often guarantee nothing short of safety and desirable results for your project.

Bosun’s chair is a device, which uses a controlled descent hence requires a top to bottom approach when it comes to operating it. Essentially, the blasting process must start at the top going downwards. The advantage of this technique is that the already cleaned process remain so. But if the process was in reverse, it is apparent the impurities at the top would definitely contaminate the already cleaned surfaces. And that’s the more reason the use of this device also requires expertise. Nevertheless, we have a team of professionals who are sufficiently equipped with vast experience in handling these types of tasks.

Whether your building has a scary height or the surfaces seem to be beyond repair, we got you covered. If you have a project, which requires abrasive blasting on bosun’s chair, we are the best bet you should ever think of. We have a team of trained professionals who can produce desirable results on bosun’s chair. Moreover, we are certified, insured and bonded, which also give you better reasons to consider us for your next abrasive blasting project. Significantly, we provide these services at pocket-friendly rates all over the country. We also have a reasonable payment plant suitable for the customers working with a relatively tight budget. Feel free to call our offices, and we shall be glad to serve you.