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Color Coding Pipes

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Why Color Coding Pipes is vital in every Industrial Setup

Pipe systems are a common sight in industrial setups. They are mostly used in production areas. Because of this, they often transport harmful and toxic contents that may pose a risk to the products, workers health and even the facility. Since there are a lot of accidents that can happen in an industrial workplace, Color Coding Pipes is quite critical. It is widely recommended by industry health and safety practitioners to help avoid serious health hazards and damage. Note that coding pipes with color can reduce the risks of workers getting injuries or infections while working. Pipe coding is an effective way to remind workers of the dangers within marked areas if they are not careful with their movements and actions.

Bright colors should be used for coding so that pipes remain visible to everyone. Additionally, since pipe coding is not as simple as marking with stickers, it is recommended that you use a professional industrial painting contractor in this project. Color coding materials are explicitly manufactured to withstand external elements such as sun exposure, high humidity, abrasions, chemical reactions etc. Materials are also made according to existing standards of industrial piping identification. These are made specifically to underground as well as above-ground piping systems and color schemes. Coding industrial pipes may also apply when you want to designate flammable fluids with compressed air. These are usually coded in reflective colors so that the people around can instantly recognize pipe contents and their hazards even from afar.

The quality and grade of materials you choose significantly matter in the outcome and longevity of your Color Coding Pipes project. Buy these from manufacturers known to produce quality industrial-grade color coding materials. This will help ensure that you get quality products that are resistant to high temperatures, UV exposure, and even chemicals.  When choosing pipe marking materials and color, you need to make sure that your choices adhere to the set industry regulations on pipe marking. A few things to consider are the coding style, painting contractor, choosing the right pipe coding color your application needs as well as the quantity of materials necessary to allow for proper coding visibility.

Color Coding Pipes does more than just identifying pipe contents and related hazards. It helps keep industrial facilities safe, eliminating potential errors and accidents. Coding pipes also saves time and money through reduced maintenance, downtime and worker compensation due to accidents at the workplace. More importantly, it helps your facility comply with occupational health and safety standards.

Obtaining pipe marking compliance is pretty straightforward.  So, when you are ready to start your next pipe coding project or apply a fresh coat of color on your previously coated pipes, contact Factory Painting USA. We are a reputable industrial paint contractor with extensive experience in color coding for industrial applications. Our staff is also comprised of experts that are always on standby to help you with your project demands. We have all the equipment, materials and specifications that you need to get the job done right; efficiently and affordably while also being compliant.