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5 Top Benefits of Industrial Wall Painting for Your Factory

If you're thinking about wall painting the interior or exterior of your factory, you're thinking right. Check out this article to learn why!
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5 Top Benefits of Industrial Wall Painting for Your Factory

Did you know that, according to IBIS World, the number of manufacturing businesses within the US in the year 2021 was 636,079? Additionally, between the years 2016 and 2021, the annualized business growth of this industry in the US was 1.2%.

If you’re in the growing manufacturing industry, then you want to do what you can to be most effective. However, if you aren’t sure how what strategies to use, this can be stressful.

Fortunately, by wall painting your factory, you can improve it in many ways.

In this article, we’ll review the top benefits of industrial wall painting for your factory. Thus, you can decide if factory wall painting is right for you. This will make it possible for your business to run even smoother and grow.

1. Protects Your Building’s Exterior

When it comes to painting factory walls that are on the exterior, one of the benefits is that the paint will protect them. Whether your factory building’s exterior is made primarily of metal, concrete, or wood, the paint will help slow the degradation of its walls.

This is for several reasons. First, the paint will lock out corrosive chemicals and moisture. Second, it will block the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Third, it can help in insulating the building from extreme temperature’s harmful effects. 

If your factory building is made from wood, the paint will prevent rot. This happens because it seals out moisture that facilitates bacterial activity.

Additionally, it will lock out pests that destroy wood. These pests include carpenter ants and termites.

Is your factory building made of metal? In this case, the paint will prevent corrosion that can come as a result of the walls being exposed to industrial chemicals. It will also prevent rust.

If your factory is made of concrete, building painting can protect it from chemical damage. Believe it or not, this chemical damage can occur to the concrete even when there are no industrial agents involved.

How? When carbon dioxide, that’s naturally in the atmosphere, comes into contact with the calcium hydroxide present in concrete, a carbonation process occurs that can corrode the metal reinforcements in the concrete. 

With paint, however, you can seal out the carbon dioxide, preventing this type of corrosion.

2. Prevents Aggregate Expansion

If you have a concrete factory building, industrial painting can prevent aggregate expansion from occurring. Aggregate expansion is what happens when the aggregate (sand and small stones) in the concrete mix absorbs moisture, after which it expands.

With this expansion, the concrete mix can end up crumbling or cracking.

Because this can only occur if water is present, the paint will help prevent this from occurring because it locks moisture out of the concrete walls.

3. Prevents Reinforcement Bars From Being Corroded

Another benefit you get from wall painters painting your factory’s walls is that it prevents reinforcement bars from being corroded. When moisture manages to reach the re-bar framework that’s in many concrete structures’ cores, this corrosion occurs. 

Over time, if the metal infrastructure of your building can become a devastatingly expensive problem. 

Fortunately, by painting your factory’s walls, you can seal out moisture and prevent this corrosion from occurring.

4. Spill Prevention and Secondary Containment

Factory painters can paint your factory’s industrial walls with coatings and liners that are engineered for specific types of exposures and EPA-compliant, making it possible to protect your building with spill prevention and secondary containment. 

This will help you in controlling corrosion and reducing maintenance costs.

5. Makes a Visual Difference

In addition to protecting your building’s walls and structure, painting your industrial walls makes a visual difference. By choosing the right color schemes, you can improve employee morale. Primary colors such as red can stimulate employee activity. 

Additionally, by painting your walls, your factory won’t become drab or dilapidated the way it might otherwise over time.

This will also have a positive effect on productivity, as your employees will feel they’re working somewhere aesthetically appealing.

But this visual difference doesn’t only impact employees. It will also make a good impression on anyone visiting your factories, such as potential business partners and customers. 

By hiring professional factory painters, your factory can be entirely transformed into a manufacturing operation that looks state-of-the-art.

6. You Can Follow Compliance Rules

Depending on where your factory is based, there might be certain compliance rules you have to follow because of the industrial regulation that exists in the US. By ensuring that areas and parts of your factory have the correct coatings, you’ll be able to follow these rules.

This is a benefit you get from painting your factory’s industrial walls, as well as equipment painting, machinery painting, and building painting in general.

Additionally, if you begin a new contract with another company that’s in a different industry, they might have additional compliance rules you have to follow.

By hiring a professional painter, you can update what needs to be painted and how it needs to be painted, making it possible for you to follow these additional compliance rules.

Looking for Wall Painting Professionals?

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