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Spray Painting Ceilings

Spray Painting Ceilings
Scope Of Work Spray Painting Ceilings

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Useful Steps For Spray Painting Ceiling Process

Spray painting is arguably one of the fastest means to use than other techniques such as using brush or roller. Spray painting ceiling is also significant since, in most instances, it eliminates the need for climbing up and down the ladder all the time. Furthermore, this mode of painting also guarantees uniformity and a smoother finish. However, painting your ceiling surfaces using spraying machines is not necessarily easy, as it may sound. Hence the essence of working with a professional painting contractor with vast experience, knowledge, and hi-tech equipment for the task. Some of the tips for attaining the best results from spray painting your ceiling surfaces include the following;

Ensure you pick the right type of sprayer – Primarily, there are three types of paint sprayer, which you can use for spray painting ceiling surfaces. These types include electric pumps, compressed air spray, and airless spray. The airless paint sprayer is seemingly the best for this type of task. It is the sprayer that guarantees efficiency and best results. Painting ceilings is not a regular action; hence it wouldn’t be cost-effective to purchase this equipment. Therefore, hiring a professional painting contractor such as Factory Painting USA for this task makes absolute economic sense.

Prepare the surface and the vicinity – Ideally, it is challenging to restrict the direction of paint when spray painting ceiling. Paint tends to scatter into the air and end up settling on some surfaces within the vicinity. It is thus advisable to ensure you turn off any appliances within the surrounding since paint can damage them or even cause an explosion if they stay on. Also, move all sorts of furniture and any other components from the space. Make sure the space is well ventilated to prevent any incidents of suffocation, which can be hazardous.

Paint preparation – Before you start to spray painting ceiling, make sure you put on personal safety equipment such as goggles and masks. In this painting technique, there will be plenty of minute paint droplets in the air, and you can never wish to inhale them. The next thing to do is to pour the paint strainer into the airless paint sprayer. The paint must be thinned based on the instructions of the paint manufacturer.

Spraying – Get the sprayer and adjust it accordingly. The correct setting will ensure the paint sprayer attains full light coverage. When spraying, always start from the center of the ceiling towards the edges and corners. While at it, ensure you spray a light coat on the ceiling surfaces, and the ideal way to achieve this is by spraying in even strokes. It is recommended to put on two light coats rather than a single thick coat. Let the paint dry thoroughly between the coats as you clean the spray painter nozzle after every coat of paint to ensure the best coverage.

As you can see, the whole process is quite intensive and involving. Moreover, there is no guarantee you’ll obtain desirable results. Therefore, find it easy to hire a professional contractor like Factory Painting USA for unmatched results within the shortest time possible.