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Getting an estimate on factory painting is the first step towards factory paining. Factory estimates are a critical part of the process and we take this very seriously at Factory Painting USA. We only prepare a factory estimate after we have a clear understanding of the factory painting work you want accomplished and the time frame you want it in.

Getting an estimate on factory painting is easy and free at Factory Painting USA. Our factory estimates are based on a thorough analysis of the work at hand. We consider the:

  • Surfaces we are painting (wood, concrete, brick, metal, etc)
  • Type and extent of the cleaning and preparation required
  • The primers, paints and coatings needed for the best finish
  • The application techniques (sprayers, rollers, brushes or others)
  • The crew size needed to complete the work on time
  • Equipment needed for a quality job
  • Supervision and safety requirements

All these factors and more go into getting an estimate on factory painting. And while no estimate is carved in stone (change orders are always a possibility), we are the nationwide contractor that treats your estimate as our commitment to you to deliver what we promise.

In short, our factory estimates are developed on a “no surprises” basis. With our 40 plus years of experience as a nationwide contractor we have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of every type of factory painting. It is this extensive experience that makes our factory estimates accurate. We know what it takes to get the work completed because we’ve done it so many times before.

We always advise our customers to be cautious of “low ball” factory estimates. It is easy for painters to send an estimate with a low price by shortcutting preparation and quality. It’s when the work is complete and the quality is shoddy that you realize it wasn’t such a good deal after all. Remember, you can’t go wrong by choosing the quality and professionalism of Factory Painting USA. Call us today for a free factory estimate you can trust.

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