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Are you looking for painting employment? As a busy nationwide contractor we offer factory painting employment to the very best painting supervisors, painters, cleaning technicians and laborers. We have a stellar reputation in the industry for on-time performance, quality and safety. If you are an experienced painting professional looking for factory painting employment and can deliver on these three values, then we’d like to talk to you.

We are a nationwide contractor that specializes in factory and industrial painting. We offer factory employment to experienced professional painters nationwide. When you complete the form we want to know about your factory painting employment experience in detail. In what types of equipment are you certified? Where did you get your training? What safety training have you had? How long have you been a professional painter? What factory employment experience do you have? Do you have union experience or training?

Don’t hold back on any important details of your factory painting employment history. Your history and experience will make the difference between being hired or not. Your history must be verifiable and we will check with your previous supervisors, employers and coworkers to confirm you have the experience you claim.

If you are a new painter or just trying to break into the industry then Factory Painting USA is not for you. Our factory employment requires that we have experienced crews that know factory painting, cleaning methods and equipment inside and out. Depending on the job, our work is often performed in dangerous environments and at significant heights.

If your experience and skills match our factory painting employment requirements please complete the form below. We are a busy nationwide contractor. As contracts are acquired that match your skills and experience we will be in touch. Thank you for applying for factory employment with Factory Painting USA.

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Rest assured that the personal information you provide us with will not be disclosed to other parties and will be used solely for the purpose of painting employment.

Thank you for filling out this Factory Employment application.

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